Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments are carried out when:

1) Decay has extended deep into the centre of a tooth, irritating the nerve to such an extent that it (the nerve) needs to be removed to alleviate the patient's pain.

2) Trauma has fractured off a sufficiently large portion of the tooth, leading to the nerve being exposed. The nerve of a tooth resides in the root canal of a tooth. Thus when we say root canal treatment, we mean cleaning out the root canal of any nerve tissue that remains.


3) When, usually as result of a deep decay, infection has got into the nerve of a tooth, leading to an abscess formation.

Root canal treatment involves drilling a hole into the centre of the tooth, locating the root canal where the nerve resides, and removing the canal contents, be that pus/infection or highly inflamed nerve tissue. Once the root canal has been thoroughly cleaned and washed out, it is filled with a rubber material, known as the root filling, and the tooth can last for a lifetime.