Tooth whitening

The practice has carried out hundreds of tooth whitening procedures, and it is something a lot of patients have received.

There are several different mechanisms of tooth whitening. The one we favour is the HOME WHITENING TRAY SYSTEM, whereby after moulds are taken of one's upper and lower teeth, our laboratory fabricates thin, comfortable, soft whitening trays. This means that the trays fit the patient's teeth perfectly. The patient then places a small amount of a whitening gel into the tray, inserts it into their mouth, and keeps the trays in for between 2-4 hours. During this time, the whitening process occurs . Most patients will need to repeat this process daily for about a week or two, to achieve a good result. The finer details of the procedure can be explained in the surgery but this HOME TRAY SYSTEM is the GOLD STANDARD in whitening. In simple terms, it works. There are other types of whitening on the market , such as laser tooth whitening, which we carried out for several patients a couple of years ago. The results were disappointing and thus we decided to stay with the tried and tested Tray whitening system . I myself use the HOME whitening system for the reasons, that it works, is safe, and doesn't harm your teeth.